Conversations in my 40s

Rachel: What was the name of that one-woman show we saw at the Tarragon?Susan: With what’s-her-name? Rachel: Yeah. In the smaller theatre. Susan: No, it was in the main space. Rachel: No, definitely in the smaller space. Susan: No, I remember. The childhood memories? The fairies? Rachel: Yeah. Susan: Right, at the cottage, with the fairies and the neighbour and they tied her to a tree to keep her from rolling into the lake? Rachel: Yeah. That’s it. And the divorce. Susan: I don’t remember the divorce. But remember she comes in and starts off by talking about whether there’s an intermission. Rachel: Yes. Susan: And the neighbour sends her notes from the fairies, and she uses her sister’s record player without permission… Rachel: Vaguely. Susan: It was that woman, Susan something – she was the ex of that guy who founded that fancy new theatre company… Rachel: What fancy new theater company? Susan: Well, not that new anymore. Maybe 10 years ago now. Rachel: I have no idea what you’re talking about. Susan: You know: the Distillery District, a focus on plays for actors, all sexy like… Rachel: Soulpepper? Susan: Yes! Rachel: Oh, that guy. Schultz something. Susan: Robert Schultz. Rachel: no, no – not Robert. Al— … Susan: Alfred Schultz! Rachel: No, no, not Alfred… Susan: Albert Schultz! Of course! Rachel: And she’s his ex? Susan: Well, she wasn’t then. They founded it together. And then they split up — not surprising, really, in the theatre world. You know, surrounded by nubile young actors and intrigue. Rachel: Is that what happened? Susan: Oh, I have no idea. That’s just conjecture. Rachel: I see. Susan: [pulls out phone, begins to type] A-L-B-E-R-T S-C-H … See, Albert Schultz and Susan Coyne! That’s right. And that’s the play, Kingfisher Days. Rachel: No, no… I’m talking about a different play. With a little girl and the parents are getting divorced. I… I… something. Susan: I, Claudius! I mean, I, Claudia! Rachel: Yes! Susan: Totally different one-woman show at the Tarragon! That was awesome! Rachel: It was. Susan: With the masks! Rachel: Yes. Susan: That was totally in the smaller space. I saw that twice. It was fantastic. Rachel: It was. Susan: She wasn’t married to Albert Schultz. Rachel: Apparently. Susan: But she went to my yoga studio. Rachel: This is what happens when two middle-aged women try to remember something. Susan: A hundred adjectives and no nouns. Rachel: Exactly. Susan: Are you calling me middle-aged?