ABMM in the news

Dana Rudolph, of Mombian ("Sustenance for lesbian moms"), has written a couple of great reviews as And Baby Makes More: Known Donors, Queer Parents and Our Unexpected Families, one on her own site and one for Bay Windows, New England's largest LGBT newspapers. In sum: From Mombian: "Bottom line: Go buy this book, along with Who’s Your Daddy?. Both are the kind of rich explorations of LGBTQ parenting we need more of today."

From Bay Windows: "And Baby Makes More is a thoughtful, funny, and poignant volume about the variety of ways we define families today. [Coeditor Chloë Brushwood] Rose explains, "Our family is an ongoing experiment in making words and experiences line up, in finding new words, in learning how to talk." And Baby Makes More offers other queer families a beginning grammar to continue the conversation."