And confetti!

Hey! It’s time for our next installment of Talking about Death:

 Isaac:  Where did they put me when I died?

Susan: Where did they … what?

Isaac:  Where did they put me when I died?

Susan: You didn’t die. You’re alive. Do you mean where do people’s bodies go when they die?

Isaac:  Yes.

Susan: Well, they can go different places.

Isaac:  How about … how about the beach?

Susan: Well, bodies can’t really go to the beach because the sand is too slippery. But maybe a body could go to a cemetery near a beach.

Isaac:  What a cemetery?

Susan: A cemetery is a place where people’s bodies are buried when they die. The bodies are buried in the ground and then sometimes a big stone is put over the place where they are buried, and then people can come to visit that place.

Isaac: And bring presents!

Susan: Well ... no.

Isaac:  Why?

Susan: Because … dead people don’t really get presents …

Isaac:  … because they can’t open them?

Susan: Exactly.