And this is why people write posts about talking cats

* * *

Well, hello there Friday. Crazy how you snuck up on me like that: so far off in the distance on Monday and then — wham! — you’re here, and if I blink you’ll be gone and with you an entire week’s worth of not blogging. So here we go.

What have I been doing? In part, it’s been one of those weeks where I have a million different beginnings and no clear endings, and so the idea of teasing through, say, my complicated feelings around Yom Kippur and fasting (or not) and taking children to synagogue, or how this all relates to the/my creative process, seem overwhelming. So, in lieu of a post addressing these kinds of Big Questions, I thought I would share with you some of the Big Questions that have been asked of me in the past 24 hours. To wit:

  • If you die, to make us feel better, can we have your iPod and your iPhone?
  • What do you care about more: day care or a dead person?
  • Will you do lots of fun stuff after I die? Or will you be too sad?
  • Can we all be buried in the same place?
  • Do all pirates have the hook? Or just the captains? Where do they get the hooks, anyway? The pirate store or something?

(One of these things is not like the other…)

For the record, no one around here is mortally ill (ptu, ptu). Just processing, in the way that my children love to process, on and on, about The Death. And pirates. The answers aren’t, obviously, straightforward: in every question there are about six different assumptions that have to be addressed. Like, not everyone is buried when they die and even though we technically all could be buried in the same place the reality is that probably we won’t be, partly because of cremation and also people grow up and move around even though you think you’ll live in this house forever you might not, and you can’t really compare day care and a dead person but let’s just get your seatbelt buckled up and get to day care for right now, and sure, really, if I die you can play on my iPhone (assuming you know the passcode) and let’s not even think about me living after you die because I plan for that to happen the other way around but just in case, no, it would be quite difficult to have fun, say, in the years immediately …

And no, definitively, there is no pirate store.

Have a good weekend.