grumpy banana This is the conversation I have pretty much every day upon picking up Isaac from daycare.

Isaac:     What did you bring me for snack?

Me:        A banana.

Isaac:     You know I hate bananas!

Me:        You know, that's funny, because I didn't know that.

Isaac:     Yes you did! I told you that!

Me:        Yes, but then you ate the banana in about five seconds flat right after you told me that.

Isaac:     I only ate it because you wanted me to.

Me:        I see.

Daycare worker:              Goodbye, Isaac!

Isaac:     [grumpily] Goodbye.

Me:        Someone is a bit testy because he doesn't like bananas.

Daycare worker:              Oh, really? That's interesting, because we had bananas for snack today and Isaac really seemed to enjoy them then.

Isaac:     I didn't.

Me:        Oh well.

Isaac:     Where is the banana?

Me:        Oh, right here.

Isaac:     Can I see it?

Me:        Sure.

Isaac:     Do you want me to eat it?

Me:        I really have no opinion about whether you eat it, Isaac. If you'd like to eat it, that's great. If not, don't worry about it. It's totally up to you. Your choice.

Isaac:     FINE. I'll eat it. But only because you want me to.

Me:        Excellent life choice, sir.