Being Canadian over at VillageQ

Canada rainbow flag Hey! Before you get all excited that I'm blogging twice in one week, I'm just popping up here to let you know that I'm actually ranting about O Canada — and the movement afoot to “Restore Our Anthem“ to its original gender-neutrality — over at VillageQ today. Here's a taste:

Many notable Canadian women (including writer Margaret Atwood and former Prime Minister Kim Campbell) are behind the campaign, which advocates changing the words “thy sons” to “of us.”

Seems like a simple fix, but of course it’s actually incredibly polarizing, with traditionalists and pooh-poohers of so-called political correctness on the one side and, people who think that excluding more than half a country’s population from its national anthem is an antiquated and reprehensible choice on the other.

You can imagine which side I’m on.

And then there are the people who figure that there’s so much more wrong with the anthem and with the state of our country that we should focus on bigger things. For the record, in my not-so-humble opinion, O Canada is already a terrible national anthem. …

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Photo by Clara Johnson.