In which I contemplate winter tires and my own mortality at VillageQ

stuff 040 In another instance of writing I did elsewhere than here, today I'm over at VillageQ, talking about how winter is inconvenient, but how maybe, just maybe, children are not. Also, I contemplate my own decline and mortality:

Going anywhere in the winter is inconvenient. I was reminded of that when, last night, Rachel and I brought up the winter tires from their storage spot in the basement, a task that involves rolling each tire across the basement floor and carrying it up a flight of stairs, and then loading the lot of them into the car, so that they can be ready to take into the tire place before 7:30 AM. That’s what Rachel did this morning. The tire shuttle drove her back home and then returned later on in the afternoon to pick me up so that I could bring the car home and begin the reverse process of storing the summer tires back in the basement.

So fun.

As I was hauling tires upstairs last night, it occurred to me that maybe one day I would no longer be able to do this. I mean, those things are heavy — I’m guessing a good 50 pounds each what with the metal rims and all. I’m in pretty good shape, but won’t there come a point in my life, say 15 or 20 years from now, when maybe hauling 200 pounds of tires up and down the stairs twice a year will be beyond my reach?

Stay warm out there!