Crispy goodness

So I’m going to write about somebody else’s book, for a change. This book, in fact:

Isn’t it pretty? It’s Crisp, Rob’s collection of short stories (Who is Rob? Read this.), and they are beautifully creepy, glittering-up-at-you-from-the-bulk-candy-bins mouthfuls of magic realism. They are, as Rob puts it, about “grief, disappointment, and the occasional dinner party gone wrong.” And I don’t think he means like “the dessert burned” wrong. (Although the best part of this book may be that Rob is entertaining my under-exercised five-year-old in the basement as I write these very words. Go, team!)

We’ve all been waiting impatiently for this particular baby to be born, and now it’s here. And those of you lucky enough to live in Thunder Bay are invited to its debut launch, tomorrow evening (that’s March 4), 8 PM, at Calico Coffeehouse. They do a mean book launch, let me tell you. I’ll be the girl behind the book table. See you there!