My F**k-It List, Part 3

For the past couple of days, I have been posting items from my Fuck-it List. Here is the last installment (for now) of things I will never do. bucket 3

8. A 9-to-5 job. Every so often, I think that maybe I’d like to get myself one of these: you know, the structure, the steady paycheque, the benefits. And then I remember that I would have to leave my house every day, dressed in work clothes, and talk to people all day long. I love working from home. I love the freedom it allows me and the fact that I can putter around here, tidying, cooking, exercising, as I work out writing problems in my head. I sometimes wonder what would happen if that “perfect” job came along, and then I remember that, most of the time, I already have it.

9. Being a night person. I’ve always wanted to be able to sleep in, and I just can’t. Similarly, my natural instinct is to get to bed early. I’ve always disliked this aspect of myself, wanting to be one of those cool kids who stayed out late partying and then slept till noon. And then I had kids and it mattered less.

10. Pulling the kids out of school and travelling around the world for a year. Just — no. As much as I sometimes aspire to inspire to be one of those carefree, drop-everything and take off kinds of people/parents, we all need just a tiny bit more structure and predictability and child-free time around here in order to function. Not to mention money. But you go have fun in Vietnam with your kids! I’ll be here, alone, in my office, happily batch-cooking dinners for the freezer.

11. Taking up a “social sport.” Giggle. Actually, I have never in my life wanted to take up a “social sport.” Unless you count playing pool. But my mom always used to tell me that I should take up tennis, or golf — and yes, she actually used the term “social sport” — in order to meet people and form fast friendships. Thankfully, I never believed her enough (or cared enough) to heed her advice. And then the Internet came along and now blogging is my social sport. And you are my friends. And I love you.

What's on your Fuck-It list?

* * *

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