Goebbels garbled the carpool ... by which I mean we have a winner!

What’s the opposite of inept? Ept? Not according to my spell check, but I say we go for it anyway. I am feeling so much more ept for all your comments. Not because I haven’t as well forgot to stick a diaper on my own toddler before bed, driven all the way home for something that was actually in the car with me (yes, twice), made a car reservation for my boss (and the 14 healthcare executives he was shuttling around) for the wrong day, had a long leisurely lunch at the wrong airport terminal and showed up to the wrong gate minutes before the international flight (that happened just this May, actually), gotten lost without actually knowing I was lost, or stashed things in such “safe” hiding places that I can never find them again. (I have not, I admit, turned on the dryer with the cat in it. Nor do I open the refrigerator door when the microwave dings, but that might be only because we don’t have a microwave.) Not because of all those reasons, but because you all took the time to write and make me feel a little less alone in my moments of flakiness. Feels like the extra book was less a mistake than a stroke of genius, you know?

(Another sort of inept thing is that I use voice dictation software because I have blown out my wrists from typing 23 hours a day for the past two decades. And so I send e-mails, often to clients, with bizarre and sometimes downright troubling errors. For example, the software just now read “stroke of genius” as “stripper genius.” Last time I tried to explain how voice dictation software garbles my words, said software heard “garbles” first as “carpools,” and then “Goebbels.” Ahem.

But I digress.)

We have a winner! Jennifer Mawhinney, you are the proud owner of my not at all superfluous copy of Jenny Lawson’s memoir, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (the more I think about it, that title seems awfully appropriate to this whole situation). Message me with your mailing address — as soon as those signed bookplates arrive, I’ll slap one on your copy and mail it off to you. Congratulations! And thanks and welcome to all of you who took the time to comment — stick around, why don't you?