You like me!


It's my birthday! That's right: 42. I gotta say, there's not so much exciting about 42. I mean, I think I'm holding up fairly well and I can do as many push-ups as I am years old today (that's full push-ups, so take that, Maria Kang), but what I am slowly realizing about one's early 40s is that, for the most part, there's just a whole lot more of this gonna happen for the next couple of decades.

Do you know what I mean? You know what I mean if you're in roughly the same situation (known as midlife). It's not a bad thing — it just means, figure out what you like to do and how to do it, because that's all there is and nobody else but you is going to make you happy or miserable. I can't really get more specific than that. Or, rather, I could, but that's it in a nutshell. So go learn guitar or watch pictures of kittens on YouTube and while you're at it slaughter whatever sacred cows are in the way of your own happiness and emerge, victorious and bloody. It's good to be shaken up.

Get a massage. Linger over your kisses. Don't lie about anything, even tiny things, to yourself or to anyone else. (It is possible to tell the truth gently.) If you are a writer, write. Let people read your writing even if some days you find yourself waxing potentially unnecessarily philosophically on your blog. So sue me — it's my birthday and I'm being reflective. And using many adverbs.

(For the record, I'm not telling you this because I'm fantastic at it — any of it. I'm just glimpsing it, now, and slowly, grudgingly, trying to live it a bit more fully.)

Do it for you, because your own approval is really the only one that matters. And then, every so often, when you really didn't expect it, you will receive some kind of validation from the universe for your hard work. That's not the point, but it's nice.

Which is my segue to this: on Saturday, I was thrilled to find out that this blog received first-place honours for the LGBTQ category in the 2013 Canadian weblog awards. What a lovely birthday present — to be recognized and to be included on the list with so many other fantastic Canadian bloggers. Thanks to all the jurors (that's commitment, the job that you just did) and thanks especially to uber-blogger Elan Morgan (a.k.a. Schmutzie) for conceiving of and curating these awards, and for her overall and extraordinary contributions to the Canadian blogosphere.

Today, I'm spending the day doing what I feel like doing. I hope you are, too.