Marble cake

Someone turned nine. And requested a marble cake with custard filling to mark the occasion. P1030379

Found a devil's food recipe on Epicurious, and we made a double batch — half with the requisite cocoa, half without.


We drizzled the batters into two different pans. This was my favourite part. Very Jackson Pollock-esque.


This was Rowan's favourite part.


Isaac had been in the tub during the cake baking, but he came down all clean and shiny in pajamas and got in on the batter action.



And further in.


And even further. he Had change his pajamas afterwards.

P1030400 Meanwhile, the cakes  baked. And cooled.



And were stacked one on top of the other with vanilla custard in the middle.  Rachel and her sister made the custard, drawing on their British roots. They assured me that it would hold between the two cakes. And did.


P1030410 Chocolate icing.


Sprinkle disaster!


P1030403 The  icing hardened too quickly for the sprinkles to stick. Bah!


So we found some Smarties and got the job done.

P1030415 There's a huge secret stash of leftover cake in my freezer right now, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood. It's good. Come by.