Meet me in Manhattan

Is it odd that I’m heading to New York this afternoon without my children in order to launch an anthology that is, essentially, about them? Part of me is giddy at the thought of a trip to the big city without the kids and part of me is mourning the fact that, in my zeal to get Isaac to the babysitter on time, I rushed out of the house without saying goodbye to Rowan. Do you think it would be too intrusive to sneak over to the school and give him a quick hug? Don’t answer that. Instead — if you’re not doing anything Tuesday evening — join me at Bluestockings bookstore and activist center at 7 PM for the official US launch of And Baby Makes More: Known Donors, Queer Parents and Our Unexpected Families!

Because the kids? They're going to be all right — more than all right, even, if a new report from the US national longitudinal lesbian family study (NLLFS) has anything to say about it.