A million little pieces

Halfway there! Day 15 of 30 of NaBloPoMo sees me over at Today's Parent, talking about how I cleaned up my kid’s room. P1030357


Wild and crazy over here.

Except that it was one of those mammoth, epically-satisfying-if-you-like-that-kind-of-thing (and I do. Oh, I do) overhauls in which no bit of broken plastic or shredded paper or teeny-tiny little Lego headlight was too small to be overlooked. I rearranged the furniture. I reorganized the Pokémon cards. I MADE MY MARK.

(I also made that quilt. For reals.)

You can read more about the process and the parenting ethics of it all here, but I just wanted to let you know that Rowan's reaction was pretty much what I imagined it would be. Which was, great pleasure, followed by — at 10 PM — tears over All The Change and the Immediate Need for Everything to Be Exactly How It Always Has Been. We weathered that ("It's a bit too late now, but we can change it back tomorrow.") and the much quieter protests of the following night.

As I write this, he's in the bath, and I'm waiting to see if he says anything before climbing into bed. I'll keep you posted.

(Not a peep. Change is hard, but not impossible.)

In the meantime, when I'm all alone in the house, I go into his room and just ... be.

* * *

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