Not dead yet

Hey! It’s time for another installment of Talking about Death. Read and learn, people; read and learn: Isaac: Mom?

Me: Yep?

Isaac: Why are a person’s eyes closed when they die?

Me: [Pause.] They aren’t.

Isaac: Oh. Then how do they get closed?

Me: [Pause.] Well, you gently put your hand on the person's eyelids and close them.

Isaac: Why not hard?

Me: Because you have to respect the dead person’s body and treat it gently.

Isaac: Also, because maybe they’re not actually dead.

Me: Maybe.

Isaac: What would they say if you try to close their eyes and they weren’t dead?

Me: Um, … “Hey! I’m not dead!”?

Isaac: Yeah. Or, “What are you doing?”

Me: Mm.