Oedipus wrecks

Early morning. A three-year-old boy cuddles in bed between his two mommies. Isaac:               I want Rachel to take me downstairs.

Susan:             Okay.

Isaac:               Because I want Rachel to take me downstairs. Just Rachel.

Susan:             Okay. I hear you. You want Rachel to take you downstairs.

Isaac:               Yes. To eat my breakfast.

Susan:             Sounds good. But Isaac, I have a question for you. Why do you want Rachel to take you downstairs?

Isaac:               Because I like Rachel. I like Rachel better than you.

Susan:              I can see that. Why do you like her better than me?

Isaac:               Because I do.

Susan:              But do you know why?

Isaac:               Why?

Susan:              No, I'm asking you.

Isaac:               (removing his thumb from his mouth) Because when I grow up I'm going to get married to Rachel.

Susan:              Really?

Isaac:               Yes.

Susan:              Isaac, do you know that I'm married to Rachel?

Isaac:               And I'm going to put you in the garbage truck.

Susan:              Really?

Isaac:               Yes. Because it has very. Powerful. Crushers.