Proud to be reading with Ivan E. Coyote

Was it just two years ago that I was bitching that there was no Pride in Thunder Bay? Well, time flies and things change. Thunder Pride 2011 kicked off yesterday, with a rainbow flag flying, well, proudly, over City Hall. You’re welcome.

Okay, but seriously, a lot of people who were not me did a lot more than just bitch to make this happen, for which I am very grateful. They’ve planned a whole roster of events, from drag shows to church services and everything in between, including our very own Pride in the Park next Saturday at Marina Park, where I will be with my own whining, demanding, overheated impeccably behaved, rainbow-clad children.

There’s also a literary event. And guess what? I’ll be reading at it WITH! IVAN! E.! COYOTE!

(Pause for grinning.)

I first saw Ivan perform with the Taste This collective at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in Toronto back in a whole different century. Ivan was then and is still today a mesmerizing, hilarious, gallant, gifted storyteller (I will never get the image of children bouncing down hills in discarded truck tires out of my head, ever) and I am (in case you couldn’t tell) thrilled to be reading on the very same stage.

So please come to The Learning Café (501 E. Victoria Ave.) on Tuesday, June 7, 7–10 PM. It’s free, for all ages.

See you then!

PS: Today is also Blogging for LGBT Families Day! Check out my contributed post and all the others over at Mombian!