PSA: looking for Latina or Asian lesbian parents of school-age children

I've received a message from Julia Li, a PBS producer working on a documentary film called “Out in America”, which will air nationally on PBS in 2011. Here's what she says:

It’s a film that celebrates and explores a diverse spectrum of experiences in various LGBT communities, but there are a few voices that are still missing from the film.... I’m trying to find a few women who would be open to speaking with us on camera about their personal experiences with coming out, falling in love, parenthood, dealing with prejudice, etc. ... Right now, we're specifically seeking to interview Latina or Asian lesbian parents with school-age children, to address LGBT issues from a viewpoint that is currently lacking in our film--ethnic minority same-sex parents. Additionally, because of budget constraints, we can’t travel very far outside of the New York City area to do our interviews (however, if we found the right couple, we might be able to fly them here to do the interview shoot).

Julia's deadline is very tight -- the end of this week -- so if you're interested or know somebody who is please get in touch quickly:

Julia Li, Producer, "Out in America"

PBS / Two Cats Productions