Rings for sale

[gallery] Psst … wanna buy a ring?

Because Isaac has some to sell. For just a dollar, you too can have one of his creations, made of plasticine and semiprecious stones. Total bargain, is what that is. This, he tells me, will be his job: he's going to make jewelry at our house and sell it in the front yard, at a little table, with a sign that says "JEWELRY FOR SALE." And can we set up the table right now, at 6:36 AM, in the dark and cold? I demur: maybe let's wait until after school, when there's more light and people aren't rushing to get to work.

You KNOW he's not going to forget about this.

He's going to live here, at our house, forever, even when he's a grown-up, he says, and he will earn money to help pay for groceries by making and selling jewelry. He will also do all the cleaning, but not the cooking, because he doesn't know how.

But you could learn, I say.

I'll help, he says. I'll crack the eggs.

Okay, I say. There's no point in having any other conversation than this one, the one that goes can I stay here forever of course you can (but you might not want to). One day the conversation will change but for now any other is unimaginable. To both of us.

Freaking adorable. Is what it is.