Sally Field

The scene: a Saturday morning in early winter. ISAAC, a small boy still clad in his pajamas, is playing with an educational alphabet puzzle bought for him by his grandmother. His older brother, ROWAN, sits down on the floor beside him and begins to put together letters.

ROWAN: I need an O. ISAAC: No, Rowan! I don’t want you to do my puzzle with me! ROWAN: I just need an O! ISAAC: No! ROWAN: Yes! SUSAN (who has been watching): Isaac, I think you’ll like what Rowan is doing. He might be writing you a secret message. ISAAC: Really? ROWAN: Yeah. See? Look what I made you. ISAAC: What it say? ROWAN: It says, “To Isaac, I love you.” ISAAC: Oh! Oh Rowan! Oh, thank you for “To Isaac, I love you!” ROWAN: You’re welcome. ISAAC: Mommy! Look! Rowan says he loves me! SUSAN: I see that! ISAAC: Rowan loves me! SUSAN: It’s nice, isn’t it? ISAAC: Rowan, you love me! ROWAN: Not that much.