No Santa for you!

Hey. I'm over at  Today's Parent today,  talking about how my kids "still"  don't believe in Santa, and not only because they're Jewish:

Maybe I would feel differently if good old St. Nick had been part of my cultural/religious upbringing. But having been raised in a Jewish household, I had zero emotional attachment to the idea of Santa Claus. It never occurred to me that Santa was real, but also never occurred to me that my friends who celebrated Christmas actually believed that he was real either. As far as I understood it, Santa was a story they told, with some nudge-nudge-wink-wink action to let everyone know that they were all in on the joke. Kind of like how we Jews treated the whole issue of whether Elijah the prophet actually did arrive at the Passover Seder and drank from that glass of wine poured especially for him: We all watched to see any wine disappeared from the glass, but no one’s enjoyment of the holiday was riding on whether all the kids believed — or not.

So, when my children come home from their public school asking about Santa, and whether he will visit our house, that’s what we tell them: that Santa isn’t a real person. He’s a fun story that people who celebrate Christmas tell about the holiday. And no, no jolly man dressed in a red suit is going to come down our chimney and leave toys for them. No matter how much they want him to, and no matter what the kids at school say.

Also, I came out as an atheist ( albeit a Jewish atheist)  in the post. Do you think anyone will even care? Please to read, and enjoy, and maybe even comment.