The force

– Mom, which Star Wars movies have you seen?

– I don’t remember.

– No, which ones? Number one, two, three, four, five or six?

– One?

A New  Hope?

– I guess.

– Have you seen the one where Han Solo gets turned into carbonite?

– I think so?

– And Princess Leia comes to save him and guess who she brings with her?

– I don’t know.


– Luke?

– No.

– Then I don’t know.

– No, GUESS. I’ll give you a hint. He is very big and hairy and makes a noise like HNEUW HNEUW HNEUW.

– Chewbacca?

– YES. And she also brings along R2D-toon and C-3PO.

– R2-D2. Two.

– No, R2D-TOON.

– No, really, R2-D2. No N at the end.

– Mom! It’s R2D-TOON.

– If you say so.

– Did you see the one where Darth Vader battles the Emperor?

– No, I don’t think I saw that one.

– He does. Because the Emperor is a Sith.

– Are Siths bad?

– Yeah, Siths are the bad guys. Jedis are the good guys.

– Oh.

– Did you see the one where Yoda dies?

– I don’t remember.

– Matthew’s seen all ten movies. He’s even seen number nine.

– Matthew can’t have seen all ten movies; there are only six.

– No, he said he’s seen the ninth one.

– But there are only six.


– Okay. He said he saw the ninth one.

– And in the first movie, do you know who you get to see? You get to see Anakin Skywalker. When he is just one number old. Guess what number?

– Nine?

– YES. And you know who he grows up to be?

– Who?

– I’ll give you a hint. He starts with DV.

– Darth Vader?

– YES.

– And you know who else you see?

– No.

– Guess.

– No.

– Okay, I’ll give you a hint: he has four light sabers.

– General Grievous.

– YES! How did you know that?

– Because you told me yesterday.

And day before that. And the day before that.  And the day before that, too, stretching back into a series of endless days before to a time I can no longer remember.