The Internet has spoken

And the Internet says that it bets that I have migraines. And also to suck it up and go to all the appointments, time and expense be damned! Which, for the record, I was generally planning on doing anyway. Now, however, I am specifically planning on doing that anyway, if only to circumvent your general wrath. Seriously, you folks are sweet, and I am quite touched by everyone’s concern. And a little sheepish to have caused you so much of that concern; apparently, not everyone is as quite as cavalier about phantom smells and temporary blindness as me. Who knew? It’s like having a little cloud of virtual mothers looking out for me. Which reminds me: one day I’ll have to tell you the story about how my mother, who was on some drug one of the side effects of which was blood clots, watched her left leg swell up and did nothing about it for approximately three days until she decided that maybe she would stop by the SPORTS MEDICINE CLINIC where her friend Ruth worked to say hi and casually mention her leg, and then was admitted into Scarborough Grace Hospital for a week on stroke watch and drugs to break up the clot in her leg. (Oh, hey – I did just tell you that story.)

I was a bit ticked with her for that one, as I recall. Made her promise never to do something so stupid again. And although I have been known to leave some appointments too long, I’m working on it.

Also, it might make you all feel better to know that today I am going to have a massage.

In other news, what are you doing at 7:40 AM on Labour Day? Sleeping? Really? For those of you who have better things to do, tune into the Thunder Bay CBC’s The Great Northwest to hear me talking about end-of-summertime blues (“There are no snowsuits in July.”) with host Lisa Laco. This (mourning about the end of summer) seems to be a pattern with me: witness 2011, 2010, 2009. Etc. I believe that non-locals can listen on the Interwebs.

Enjoy your last long weekend of the summer!