The Kids Are All Right

From Rick Groen’s review of The Kids Are All Right in Friday’s Globe and Mail: “Turns out that unconventional families can be just as tedious in their melodramatic dysfunctions of any traditional clan.”

While I’m thinking that that could be a great new tagline for this particular blog, I’m also thinking, Rick, at least it’s my family — or a closer version than what I usually see from Hollywood — up there on the screen. Versions of my melodramatic dysfunctions. Which, sure, are universal and all, but also oddly specific. I can’t wait to see this movie, assuming it ever makes it to Thunder Bay. Since I haven’t yet, I won’t weigh in on the film’s particular merits, but how could it be difficult to watch Annette Bening and Julianne Moore — not to mention Mark Rufallo — for a couple of hours? (Personally, I’m just happy that the kids are all right, not alright.)

Here are some links to reviews I’d give a little more credence to this particular flick: check out Mombian and Lesbian Dad.