The pink is fading…

2013-04-19 11.50.32  

"This morning, apropos of nothing, Isaac went through his shirt drawer and pulled out everything pink and princess-y. 'I don’t want these anymore,' he said. 'You can sell them now.'

"I looked down at the four size-four shirts arrayed on the hallway carpet. They’re too small for my nearly-six-year-old, stained and shabby in the way that much-loved little-kid clothing becomes, especially the stuff that we picked up, pre-loved, for a song at the thrift store. I’m not quite sure where he gets the idea that we sell his clothes when he’s done with them, but I love the fact that he’s still innocent enough to think that we can make some serious cash off his cast-off scraps of silkscreened cotton. Because financially, those shirts are pretty much a write-off.

"Emotionally, though, it’s a different story. ..."

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