Hey! So, British Columbia has become the first province to allow three parents on a child's birth certificate. And since, I've been mulling a bit over what that might have meant have the option available when my kids were born. At the time, I don't know that we would have chosen it. I think it might've seemed a bit scary to all of us: for me and Rachel to hand over what seemed like equal power to Rob, who had no intention of taking on any major parenting role; for Rob to have that responsibility, on paper or in real life. But now, knowing what I know, I think I might see things a bit differently. I think I get know that parenting isn't some kind of zero-sum game, where everyone has to have the exact same amount of involvement. I think about how families might just benefit from some form of legal recognition to the varying adults who might be parents. Here's my take on it over at Today's Parent.

And, segueing nicely into a discussion of what it means to be "equally involved," here's why I never clean up the barf at our house but am always on hand for vaccinations. Or, why I am the muffin mom while Rachel is the mitten mom.