Tonight! Farzana Doctor at Thunder Pride!

Farzana Oh, The Busy.

My pet peeve (okay, one of them) is people who talk about how busy they are, because, frankly, that conversation just never leads to anything good. We’re all busy, and so who, really, has time to blog regularly in the face of the excellence of things like of family visits (and four delicious boys — mine and two of my brother’s sons — running around together all weekend; oh, the cousin memories!) and children’s birthday parties and deadlines and the like? Nobody, that’s who, but most of the time we make some time and occasionally we don’t and all of this is by way of saying that I haven’t blogged much recently, but I’ll get back on it one of these days, but in the meantime I am popping up like a groundhog from underneath The Busy to say the following to all of you in Thunder Bay:

Yank yourself away from all your stuff for a couple of hours this evening and had on over to the Mary J. L. Black branch of the public library to spend some quality time with the wonderful writer Farzana Doctor! She’s this year’s headline reader for the Thunder Pride literary and storytelling evening, and she’s backed by a great round up of local queer writers, and I can promise you that it’s going to be a lot of fun.

If you’re not busy tonight, you have no excuse not to be there. And if you’re already too busy, you need the break. Trust me.