What I did yesterday

It's been a month of words.

The draft is done, off.

And yesterday, I needed to make something with my hands.

My plan was to create a quilt in tandem with the book, but all the little squares sat neglected for months and months.

But yesterday, I cleared off the dining room table, hauled up the ironing board and iron, and got to work.

Pinning, stitching, pressing; repeat.

Listening to Jian Ghomeshi interview Dolly Parton, to podcasts, to nothing at all.

Watching something take shape before my eyes.

Letting myself have a day to make something other than food, other than words pinned together and stitched into sentences, stories, essays.

And this is what I made.

If you want a taste of the other thing I made recently, get thee over to the Northern Woman's Bookstore this evening at 7 PM, where I'll be reading an excerpt from Step on a Crack.


Okay, gotta go figure out what to wear.