Whistling in the dark

So have I told you about my seventh birthday party? Which happened to coincide with a blizzard and so nobody came? (You’ll note the cause-and-effect relationship there; it’s not like there was a blizzard AND no one came. There was a blizzard SO no one came and it had nothing to do with me. Right?

But still, it felt a little as though it had something to do with me.

In other words, I have a wee bit of baggage here.)

So, fast-forward 33-odd years later and consider: What if I held a blog giveaway, and no one approximately nine people out of THE ENTIRE INTERWEBS showed up? (Don’t get me wrong: You nine are lovely, lovely people and this in no way reflects my great pleasure that you did show up.) But, I mean, just last week,The Bloggess offered to give away a metal chicken and 4582 people competed for the chance to win it. I realize I am not The Bloggess, but, this is a FREE MAGAZINE, PEOPLE. I will send it to your house and you do not have to pay for it. And I promise I won’t show up at your door (unless we’ve pre-cleared that and you live locally or somewhere really warm).

Perhaps a copy of Lilith magazine is slightly more niche-oriented than, say, a metal chicken? Perhaps. But, really, you don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy it. Or even a feminist.

(Okay, you probably do need to be at least a little bit of a feminist. But I’m kind of assuming that if you’re reading this you are. Unless you got here via searching for “pizza” or “sex maman.” In which case, hi! Want a magazine?)

Okay, so that’s my pathetic pitch. Make me happy. Click here, leave even the briefest of brief comments or just click that Facebook link over to the right (your right), and you’re entered!  Contest closes at midnight tonight . Odds are good — at least for now.