Why I'm not doing NaBloPoMo

I'm not doing NaBloPoMo.

For those of you not in the know, that's the short way of talking about National Blog Posting Month, where participants post every single day – weekends included — during the month of November.

It's a fabulous idea, but, this year at least, I'm out.

I'm out for a variety of reasons. It's never been my intention to post daily on this site: I'm doing well if I say something fairly meaningful to y'all a couple of times a week. Frankly, do you need more of me than that? Right, I didn't think so. If I wrote something post-worthy seven days a week, I think I'd be more inclined to save all those gems and spread them out over the course of several months, the bloggerly version of saving for a rainy day.

And then, frankly, with so many fantastic writers blogging daily or near-daily in November, if I really were going to post every day for a month, why wouldn't I pick March or something, when everyone else is too sick of winter to be up to writing? And then I would shine like a little beacon, as opposed to being lost among the sea of brilliance posting daily? (Ohhh, community: that's why. This is why I work alone in office by myself all day, every day — not so good, apparently, at playing well with others.)

Speaking of community, though, I am excited to be part of a brand-new — or, rather, new and improved — one. Monday marked the launch of the revamped Lesbian Family website, where I'll be a contributor, posting regularly (but not, apparently daily) and joining in on discussions related to all things queer-parenting and queer-family related. I am thrilled and more than a little flattered to be included among the great writers who make up the voices of the site. And also, props to Mabel's Labels, who has sponsored the site relaunch because — obviously — they get that most families need to create their own labels. (For the record, no one has asked me to say that. It's just true.) (Also, given that Rowan mysteriously lost four pairs of pants — yes, four — last week, I'm thinking that Mabel may be getting a bit more attention in our family these days.)

But back to NaBloPoMo. While the rest of you gifted people amuse and move me by posting daily in November, I will be spending the bulk of this month — and this is a promise — cutting myself off from the Internet and related paraphernalia for several hours each day to








Full stop.

It is so close, people. It's maybe four or five scenes, I'm guessing, maybe 30-odd pages, some paragraphs and sentences inserted here and there, cut here and there, some babies sacrificed. I'm currently rereading what I've got and solving some problems. That should be done this week. Next week, I figure out what's missing and I write it. Possibly crudely, but I write it until it is done.  By November 30. Iecause, really: enough. It's just time.

So, write your daily blog posts, NaBloPoMoers! I salute your efforts, and I appreciate your output. And know that I am writing along with you. With any luck, one day you'll read my November words, too  ( on your Kindle, yo!).