I win things. Fairly regularly — regularly enough that people remark on it. I don't know if I win things pretty regularly because I enter contests more frequently than other people, or because I am truly lucky, but perhaps it's a combination of both those factors. There be some kind of philosophical message in here along the lines of you can't win if you don't…, but I will leave you to tease that one out. In the meantime, I'm trying to remember all the things I've won and I have come up with a partial list. In no particular order:

  • A “chai” keychain that my mother donated to my elementary school raffle
  • A digital camera (later sold on eBay)
  • $100 from the Apple Growers Association of Ontario
  • a $200 gift certificate to Reitman's
  • tickets to see Melissa Etheridge in concert
  • a Sony Walkman
  • this cooler. I know: so glamorous on my furnace-room floor.


  • this book


  • another book, co-authored by a lesbian couple who got pregnant and had babies at the same time as each other, which was so terribly written that I gave it away
  • four tickets to a kids’ show in Toronto
  • a Windows phone


  • a pass for 10 yoga classes, which I completely forgot about until yesterday. Yoga for me!

I'm sure there are more things. I'm still trying to remember. In the meantime, feel free to come over and rub my head for good luck.