You have to read this book ...

... because the Gay & Lesbian Review said so. Just now:

With this diverse, poignant, and sometimes very funny anthology, editors Susan Goldberg and Chloe Brushwood Rose attempt to get beyond the mainstream media's often superficial coverage of the "gayby boom." Here, they give several writers a chance to discuss their own experiences on various alternative paths to procreation, outside of the hetero nuclear family norm. A couple of the chapters in And Baby Makes More are fairly straightforward descriptions of lesbian moms selecting a known sperm donor and proceeding to get knocked up. But the anthology acknowledges that queer procreation is, by its very nature, very complex and full of potential pitfalls. There are hurt feelings as lesbians negotiate with possible donors, often discovering that the gay men they have in their sights are interested in hands-on parenting rather than a godparent role. One chapter is authored by five people who comprise a sort of parenting collective. Also included is a chapter rendered in comic book form. As this is a Canadian anthology, where same-sex marriages have been legal for several years, there's less discussion of that debate than one would find in a comparable American collection. This proves a breath of fresh air: the editors take for granted the legitimacy of same-sex bonds and get on with the business of making babies and childrearing. The results are surprising, enlightening, and mandatory reading for any lesbians or gay men thinking of embarking on adventures in the wild world of parenthood.

See? Mandatory.