You. Me. Zoe. Pride Literary Event. Tonight.

Greetings on this frigid morning — of course my kids wore mittens on their commute to school today. Didn’t yours?

I’m told by my telephone that it will warm up this afternoon, warm up and brighten up, too, just in time for tonight’s Pride Literary Event. Which is pathetic fallacy at its finest. If you’re in Thunder Bay, head on over to Westfort (I learned the phrase “Westfort tune-up” last night, by the way, and now will be tempted to work it into all manner of conversation just to see who knows what I’m talking about) and the Mary J.L. Black library for a night of fabulous storytelling with Rachel Mishenene, Ma-Nee Chacaby, Ray Moonias, a couple of young readers from The Other 10% youth group, headlined by Zoe Whittall. (I’m reading, too, a piece that involves me keeping all my clothes on and that doesn’t reference my mother and/or cancer. Even once. Branching out here, people.)

See you tonight!