About the Art

The ceramic sculptures shown on this website were created by my friend Sarah Link, an internationally recognized and exhibited ceramicist. The pieces come from several of Sarah's installations and residencies, including Fire + Earth, a two-year travelling exhibition organized by the Itabashi Art Museum in Japan and the Burlington Arts Centre in Canada; Art Farm, in Aurora, Nebraska; and TANE (seed/source), on the theme of genetically modified foods, created at the Institute for Ceramic Studies at Japan's Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park.

I've had the pleasure of working with Sarah and have always been drawn to her work. I'm very grateful that she's allowed me to use images of it here.

(A note to visual artists: sometimes, I trade writing for art. Hint.)

Photographs by Susan Goldberg

Susan was able to understand complex material and explain technical concepts clearly, concisely and logically.

Susan Flynn, Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division