Sederpalooza & Book Giveaway Reminder

Well, we have survived sederpalooza and now my children are much richer, having been bribed by various grandfathers and other patriarchs to give up the Afikoman — or their perceived share in the Afikoman — for cold, hard, cash. They are also, I suppose, richer in culture and family, and these things are important, too.

(Prime cute, by the way: Isaac reciting the four questions, of which there are actually five; he got through the first three. I had been half-expecting him to pull a Michigan J. Frog on us and stick his thumb into his mouth and bury his head into my shoulder, but he stood on his chair and performed, singing all the Ls in “leilot” as Ws. Weiwot. Awesome.)

Now, we’re heading into the second half of our interfaith roster of spring celebrations, in which the children’s Uncle Will has untold fun hiding a jillion or so chocolate eggs around his sprawling backyard, and the children look for these, too. All these things — a hunk of matzah, foil-wrapped chocolate — to find: is this why people refer to Passover as “the Jewish Easter”?

Or maybe not.

BUT: what I’m really here to tell you is that you have only a few more days to leave a comment here or to become a Facebook friend of this blog (over there, to the right) to win a copy of Arthur S. Levine’s book, Monday Is One Day. Contest closes midnight Monday. Good luck!